Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

While we may classically think of OCD as inpiduals that compulsively wash their hands or keep a very neat house, there are many others that experience symptoms of OCD that can be very difficult to manage and lead to a great deal of distress. OCD is a grouping of symptoms that create anxiety and distress for inpiduals. It is characterized by intrusive (unwanted) thoughts that are disconcerting for the inpidual and can often prompt ritualistic behaviors to help ease the tension.

Within my practice, I help inpiduals overcome their anxiety related to OCD, help manage their thoughts, and develop other coping skills to help ease the tension that these thoughts can bring. image

Inpiduals often seek treatment for thoughts and compulsions related to:

- Cleanliness

- Repeated self-doubts

- Order

- Unwanted sexual thoughts

- Unwanted aggressive thoughts

- Uncontrolled worry about work, school, finances, and other life difficulties

- Repetitive behaviors

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