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Stroke and Brain Injury

Neurological Injuries such as a Stroke or Brain Injury can be a very scary incident both for the patient and for the family. Individuals are often very happy to be alive and functioning; however, over time they may begin to notice places where their thinking skills and personalities have changed. Changes in a person’s memory, impulse control, ability to multi-task, or ability to control their temper are common changes that can occur following a stroke or brain injury. However, these changes may not be addressed during one’s hospital stay and may be very confusing and overwhelming for family members as they begin to notice changes in their loved one’s cognitive skills and personality.

Within my practice, I offer both assessment and support to help individuals and families define, understand, and overcome some of the cognitive and personality changes that commonly accompany a stroke and brain injury. Families are encouraged to attend sessions with their loved one and are often relieved to find solutions to these difficult changes.

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