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family of 4 walking and holding hands. mother, daughter, father, and son

School Related Distress and Difficulty

Many children, adolescents and young adults will experience times in which they struggle with difficulties pertaining to school. For children, often there is difficulty surrounding inappropriate behaviors, anxiety and inability to attend to the teacher. As children get older, some difficulties may change. Many adolescents may struggle with test anxiety, or lack of motivation to complete necessary school tasks. Lastly, as individuals enter undergraduate and graduate school, they may find the increased pressure and tasks
overwhelming and are looking for better skills
to manage their increased stress. 
For children, I often work with parents to help them understand and manage their child’s behaviors by providing detailed behavioral plans, cognitive assessment, and alternative coping skills.
For adolescents, I often help them overcome feelings of anxiety, discuss optimal study habits, and assess areas of strength
and weakness academically.
For young adults entering college at both the undergraduate and graduate level, I help them develop the tools for success both academically and emotionally. Depending on the need, we may assess places of potential academic difficulty, address the emotional stress of these new intense demands, and identify alternative ways of coping.

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