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Memory Loss, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Although the symptoms and experiences of those who have Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia can vary greatly from person to person, the common experience of loss of skills and the need for assistance to redevelop or cope with those changes often leads people to seek professional services. Within my practice, I help individuals diagnose conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease, learn how to overcome cognitive losses, and help families understand and form solutions to residual difficulties.

Counseling, Assessment and Consultation surrounding these conditions has often been very helpful for individuals and their families who are experiencing these traumatic and life-altering conditions.

Read Below to See if a Memory Assessment is Right for You or Your Loved One:

As we age, it is common for individuals to begin observing changes in their memory and cognitive abilities. However, there are times in which individuals wonder if the changes they are experiencing may be more indicative of a progressive dementia such as Alzheimer's Disease. A memory assessment may be helpful for you or a loved one if you can answer "yes" to several of the following questions:

  • Have you or others noticed changes in your memory that seem to moderately disrupt your daily life?
  • Have you or others noticed changes in your ability to plan or solve routine or novel problems?
  • Have you or others noticed an increased difficulty in recalling how to perform routine tasks and activities?
  • Have you ever found yourself in a familiar place but have had difficulty recalling where you were at or have found the place unfamiliar?
  • Have you or others noticed changes in your ability to visually interpret shadows/objects or changes to depth perception?
  • Have you or others noticed greater word finding difficulties and changes in your vocabulary?
  • Have you or others noticed a greater propensity for you to lose objects?
  • Have you or others noticed changes in your judgment and ability to make good decisions?
  • Have you or others noticed you becoming less social and more withdrawn from others?
  • Have you or others noticed changes to your mood or personality?

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